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The Smallest Molecule has the Biggest Punch


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OxidationAccording to the National Oxidative Association ( the three of the most widely oxidative processes are: Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Chlorine Dioxide.  Each produce extra oxygen atoms that can attach to the target threat and destroy it by a kind of burning process.  Everyone know that oxygen is critical critical to any fire or explosion.  This is a process found in nature and it is very effective.

Professional remediation services use oxidative processes to destroy odors, germs, and other threats AT THE SOURCE.  Once any substance is oxidized, it is no longer the threat it was before.  This material is directed to those who want to seriously understand the most natural and effective way to clean, deodorize, kill mold, reduce toxic conditions, and even reduce indoor air quality threats like allergens and sick building conditions.

FIRST:  We know know that the smaller the oxidative molecule ... the better it works.  The ability of the process to penetrate is improved by the actual size of the molecule.  Ozone and hydrogen peroxide will destroy the outer membrane of bacteria and virus, but CD Plus chlorine dioxide is able to penetrate the outer membrane and destroy it from within.  Studies now that bleach can kill COVID in about three minutes.  The same study showed that chlorine dioxide could kill COVID in less than a minute.

SECOND:  CD PLUS actually robs electrons from the target threat.  Ozone and hydrogen peroxide only rob two electrons, but CD Plus robs FIVE ELECTRONS from the target problem.  What does that mean?  It means more power, quicker results, and a permanent cure for the customer.

THIRD:  More applications.  CD Plus offers more solutions than ozone.  For example, our product is EPA and FDA recognized.  Ozone is not.  Secondly, CD Plus neutralizes more toxic treats, like formaldehyde that ozone cannot.  In the end, one treatment with CD Plus solves more problems than ozone or hydrogen peroxide.

FOURTH: More application options.  Ozone has one application, that is the Gas Out with several machines running for hours.  CD Plus can do a superior Gas Out, it can be applied by ULV fogger or pump sprayer, it can be mixed into carpet cleaning solutions, or uses to wash a contaminated area.  CD Plus can treat marijuana smell and even neutralize a drug house.


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