Powerful & Effective Mold Remediation Solution

Decon Five represents a surprisingly powerful mold remediation solution.  For those who work in the mold remediation service, you already know about ice blasting, soda blasting, and spraying strong and dangerous chemicals. So far, there haven't been many eco-safe solutions .... that actually work. 

Decon Five is pretty much a gamechanger.  When applied as a foam, the product traps the mold as it kills it.  We know that mold will fire mold spores when disturbed, so the ability to trap the spores during application will reduce the challenge of filtration.  All this is not to say that vapor barriers, negative air, or air scrubber are not needed.  But, the foaming process is a better way to reduce mold spores at the source.

Decon Five is an EPA registered moldicide, algaecide, and fungicide that quickly kills mold.  There is no bleaching action, so the staining caused by mold will generally lighten, but will not be bleached out.

Integrate Decon Five into your mold remediation service.  The more you use it, the more you will like the results.