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Ozone Sanitizing

Ozone is a well-known sanitizing agent.  Ozone sanitizes differently than chemical sanitizers.  The simple explanation is that ozone is an oxidizing agent.  Oxidation burns the thin outer membrane of bacteria and viruses hundreds of times in just minutes.  Without the outer membrane to protect it, the microbial threat quickly dies.  The basic concept is OXYGEN, which is a natural part of the normal atmosphere.  O2 is the breathable oxygen that will all need.

Church Sanitizing with Active Infection Prevention

Churches are a place of friendship, fellowship, and relationships.  In the era of COVID-19, many of the best parts of a collective body are greatly strained.  Even in the digital age, we still want to embrace, encourage, and support one another with more than a digital connection.  

Churches must now develop plans to deal with infection control with large groups.  To do so, innovation and greater care must be developed.  

Comparing Ozone to Decon Five

From the onset, it is necessary to understand that we like ozone.  Ozone does remove odors, kills mold, and destroys pathogens.  So, if you are an ozone advocate, we are on your side.  But, what is the downside of using only ozone on a job?  First of all, is the time it takes to do a job.  A typical ozone treatment can take 3-8 hours depending on the type and intensity of the problem.  Then, you have to travel to set up your equipment, and then make a second trip to pick up the equipment.  Plus your equipment is tied up on the job, so you limit jobs per day.

Decon Five Approved by the Green Clean Institute

The Green Clean Institute is a respected third-party certification that assure that product claiming eco-friendly status are what they claim.  We all know that there is a lot of latitude in advertising, and frankly, Green products tend to over-state their Green or eco-friendly attributes.  So, when the Green Clean Institute approves a product, it has passed more than a clinical review.

Hurricane Clean up and Mold Treatment

Hurricanes are devastating, and the cleanup afterward is incredibly difficult.  So, there are no easy or inexpensive answers.  However, the threat of mold can turn a $20,000 restoration into a $40,000 bill.  Without electricity, air conditioning, and time to start the cleanup; mold will start growing within 48-96 hours, and once started the ambient moisture will allow it to spread throughout the house or building in just a few weeks.

How to Remove Marijuana Odor

Marijuana Smoke OdorMarijuana has a distinct and dank odor that frankly, no one wants.  Like cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke is not complimentary.  It is still smoke, and a pollutant to indoor air quality.  Despite the other anticipated benefits of marijuana, there are the secondary concerns for secondary smoke upon non-smokers and the marijuana odor.

Get Rid of Embedded Ozone Smell

Ozone SmellOne of the common complaints when ozone treatments are applied is the lingering ozone smell.  If the ozone treatment is over-applied, the ozone smell can last weeks or months.  Ozone is effective for removing odors, but ozone can be over-applied.  Too much ozone can become embedded because the gas will combine with resident smells and gases.

Marijuana Odor Removal

Marijuana smoke smellIn 2018, Canada legalized marijuana throughout the country.  Now, many states in the U.S. have done the same meaning we will all be dealing with the unwanted odor of marijuana in apartments, homes, and smoke shops.