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How to Removal Boat Odors

Boat Odor RemovalEveryone that owns a boat, like me, knows that they are a maintenance chore.  My boat is a 17' bass boat, but boat lovers love them in all sizes and types.  The bigger the boat, the more work it takes to keep your prize in great condition.  So, boat odors are a major concern.  We find a little bit of everything that can sour your boating experience.

Maybe it's Chemical Sensitivity

Total D&D with Decon FiveI was called in to test the indoor air quality for a young couple buying a home from the estate of an elderly man.  Their concern was a potential mold problem as the wife was allergic to mold.  The house was in very good condition.  However, the wife felt dizziness and fatigued if she spent much time in the home.