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The Power of CD Plus

Odor Power StationIf you are looking for a solution to these issues.  The CD Plus Power Station is the easiest way to treat any facility.  The offer the Power Station 8 for small jobs and the Power Station 10 for larger jobs.  This system is used by professionals to:

  • Remove all types of odors
  • Sanitize for all types of pathogens
  • Kill mold
  • Reduce allergens and toxins.

THE PROCESS is simple:  Add water, drop in the CD Plus tablet, turn on the Power Station, and let it run in a VACANT AREA for 3-4 hours.  Return later and ventilate the area with fresh air.  The odors will be gone.  

This is the process used by professionals and come with instructions and live support for all customers.  The primary process is called "Oxidation" meaning the system floods the area with extra oxygen and neutralizes all threats at the source.  What many are finding is that the Power Stations are a ready solution for treating all kinds of problems and can be easily turned into a part-time or full-time income sources.

Remove Car Odors CLO2Car detailers and Used Car Managers love the Power Station 8 because it will permanently eliminate odors from used cars in about 60 minutes.  And, the odor never comes back.  Once the car has been cleaned, put the Power Station 8 in the car and eliminate smoke, pet, or mildew smell at the source.

Don't cover odors with perfumes!  That solution does not work, and the unhappy customer never return or will be a source of aggravation.  Don't discount the price because the car smells like stale french fries, smoke, and spilled milk.  Our system makes the car smell fresh and new.  

Professionals charge $150-$250 to permanently remove odors from a car.  You can do this for about $20 per vehicle in just once hour.  

Real Estate Odor RemovalRealtors and Property Managers love the Power Station 12.  It has the ability to sanitize, remove all odors, and clear out all allergens in an apartment or home.  Treatments for larger areas take 4-8 hours, and the results are consistently fantastic.  This process also removes marijuana smell and currie cooking odor.

Never paint over odors because the odor will gradually return.  Once the house or apartment has been professionally cleaned, run our Power Station 12 units in the house for 4-8 hours, and return to ventilate with fresh air.  The odors will be gone and a fresh, clean scent makes a great impression on your customers.

Kill Mold and algaeKill Mold and Mildew with CD Plus.  The Power  Station 12 will kill mold in any part of the house.  If there is a water leak, this needs to be solved or mold will return.  When there is a need for a more direct treatment, used the CD Plus tablet in a water mixture with a pump sprayer.  This will kill the mold and even lighten the dark mold stain.  Use the pump spray on exterior areas like porches, fences, and the algae growing on the side of your house.  This product will not harm the plants around these areas.

CD Plus can be applied in large areas with the Power Station, but can be applied directly to nasty spills, foul spills, on mold and algae with immediate results.  Good news, there is no toxic residue when using CD Plus.  For sewer water cleanup, the sanitizing power of CD Plus kills pathogens, neutralizes smells, and cancels any toxic ingredients.

Solve Allergy ThreatsEliminate Allergens, Toxic Conditions, and Sick Building Conditions We have found many examples of homes, schools, day care, office and workplace pollution that is causing the more vulnerable people to suffer from allergies, mystery reactions.  Over the years, we have received many favorable reports of major improvements in sleep, energy, relief from symptoms, and health improvements once the building has been treated.  

We may have treated the building for sanitizing or odor, but the customer discovers an additional benefit.  The post-treatment removed many of the aggravating and invisible threats that no one considered.  Repeat the treatment monthly or as often as needed to provide the relief needed to live a normal life.

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