Church Sanitizing with Active Infection Prevention

Churches are a place of friendship, fellowship, and relationships.  In the era of COVID-19, many of the best parts of a collective body are greatly strained.  Even in the digital age, we still want to embrace, encourage, and support one another with more than a digital connection.  

Churches must now develop plans to deal with infection control with large groups.  To do so, innovation and greater care must be developed.  

People can use the practices of face masks, gloves, and social distancing.  But, PEOPLE are one side of the communicable disease precautions.  The other side is the BUILDING.  The transfer of any disease, including COVID-19, is the means of transfer.  Airborne diseases are one method of transfer.  Most diseases transfer by touching common surfaces then touching the eyes, nose, and mouth.  It is very difficult to ignore touch your face for any length of time.

Churches need to arrange for a new style of relationship connections.  One example is the "Elbow Bump" instead of the handshake.  Some may like the prayer-like hand greeting to communicate goodwill and shared blessing.

#1- When it is possible to identify post-COVID-19 people, place then in the more public greeting area.  This could allow closer contact with hand sanitizer between encounters.

#2- Place hand sanitizers in several common areas 

#3- Set up rooms for seniors with special concerns and keep children away from these people

#4- Innovate video connections within the church to provide other areas in the church that have space for social distancing

#4- Forget paper bulletins and hymnbooks.  Use video, text, and other digital means to update people

#5- Have a roving team of sanitizing workers who are routinely cleaning common "high-touch" areas like doors, door handles, counters, computer screens, and bathrooms.

#6- Emphasize your small group options when social distancing can be accommodated while personal sharing can occur.  

#7- Explore, social media options for 

As far as the building is concerned, we suggest fogging an EPA registered sanitizer approved for COVID-19 between services.