Kill Insects the Safe Way

Kill insects safelyOur main area of service is treating odors, mold, germs as well as neutralizing chemical residue in homes, offices, restaurants, gyms, and medical facilities.  Decon Five does so many things well, it seems like an unexpected bonus that it safely kills a wide variety of insects too.

Decon Five kills insects if they are sprayed, but does not leave a killing residue.  This would be contrary to safe and healthy practices that we believe in.  Pest-killing residue is a toxin that will add to the toxic bioload of the building.  We now have strong evidence that the multiple chemicals we add to a building never really leave the building.  They combine with the dust and biofilm to toxify and pollute the building and war against our health.

In fact, any insect control system provides only a limited cycle to control pests.  Most pest control is done during the application.  The addition of a residual chemical has less effect.  But, let's not miss the point.  Decon Five has an additional feature that is quite impressive.  If any insects are around and touched by the spray, they will die.  The product is safe enough for a person to bathe in (not recommended), but will safely kill a wide variety of unwanted pests.  

In many cases, this is a nice bonus value.  Odors, germs, pollution, and mold are not our only successes.  We will greatly impact the insect problem as well.

When it comes to fleas and mites in the carpet, pretreat the carpet with a Decon Five Spray prior to extraction.  The surfactants will loosen and emulsify the dirt and grease for a better cleaning, and it will kill fleas and mites ... and their eggs.  How great is that!  I have cleaned a lot of carpets with standard methods over the years, and I can say that using Decon Five is amazingly effective.  Knowing that it kills dust mites and neutralizes the protein in dust mite feces that aggravates allergies and asthma is absolutely a bonus.

Decon Five spray on the carpet, and brush in with a carpet rake, will kill fleas and their eggs.

How about that basement or crawlspace that has spiders, centipedes, silverfish, and earwigs?  While we are treating for mold and odors, Decon Five will kill those unwelcome creatures and kill their eggs.