Marijuana Odor Removal

Marijuana smoke smellIn 2018, Canada legalized marijuana throughout the country.  Now, many states in the U.S. have done the same meaning we will all be dealing with the unwanted odor of marijuana in apartments, homes, and smoke shops.  If anyone is not a marijuana smoker, the lasting smell of old marijuana will be a problem for prospective renters or buyers.

This odor problem is going to be yet another problem for property managers, real estate agents, and neighbors who don't appreciate the smell of marijuana.  Like cigarette smoke, people who don't smoke marijuana will not want an apartment, condo, or home that still smells like a pot shop on a wet day.

If you are planning to sell a home or rent an apartment with a lingering marijuana smell, you should avoid the simple solution to simply "clean the carpet and pain over the smell".  These are helpful but will not get rid of the smoke smell.  Like cigarette smoke, the smell has coated the living areas, air ducts, and clings to every surface.  

Getting rid of smoke smell is a special service that only a few have mastered.  The process would be equal to the special work of those who clean up crime scene ... but without the gore.  Nonetheless, everything either needs to be replaced of specially cleaned.  There are additional concerns that there may be other "illegal drug" residue in the apartment or house, so the process should include more than a few cleaning products.

Only Decon Five (@deconfive) is capable of treating every surface, canceling all kinds of odors, and neutralizing any chemical residue.  Decon Five is an EPA registered product that is eco-safe, biodegradable, and leaves no chemical residue.  It is applied in a mist or spray process to all types of surfaces.  Professional services use the product to pre-spray carpets before extraction cleaning.  Decon Five also used as a high-quality cleaning product to wash walls and surfaces.  We use the product to sanitize and detoxify air ducts after they are cleaned.  Finally, the whole house is fogged with an ultra-fine mist to totally detoxify, decontaminate, and deodorize the building.

Professional odor removal services use Decon Five to remove cigarette odor and a variety of other nasty odors found in homes and offices.

Professional services are often tied to favorite products or the cheaper products that save money, but the fact is that Decon Five is more effective and efficient than anything on the market.  Partially, because it is so effective and can be used for nearly all remediation or cleaning applications.  Secondly, because it is eco-safe and not a threat to applicators or customers.

Thirdly, Decon Five replaces the twelve bottles of more-hazardous rolling around in the back of the truck.  Decon Five was specifically developed as a broad spectrum remediation product that effectively works on all types of environmental threats without adding a new threat from a somewhat toxic cleaner.