The Best Odor Removal Product

Best Odor Removal ProductOver the years, one of the most difficult challenges has been odd or bad odors.  If a good cleaning doesn't do the job, it is time to look for something that does work.  Decon Five is a fantastic solution to odors for several reasons.  

  1. Decon Five is a broad spectrum product meaning it treats a wide variety of threats and pollutants.  One of the big issues with odor is understanding the source and nature of the problem.  While some products work on a few odor problems, Decon Five works on most odor problems neutralizing them at the source.  
  2. Decon Five is environmentally-friendly.  The product is biodegradable, does not introduce more chemicals into the facility.  Decon Five leaves no toxic residue as well.  Finally, any waste water does not pollute streams or waterways.
  3. Odor problems are resolved with the introduction of oxygen atoms and cationic action that works at the molecular level.  We are not covering the odor with fragrance or momentarily trapping the odor.  Once the area is properly treated, the odor will not come back.  This is not true for off-the-shelf products that work only for a short time.
  4. Prespray carpets with Decon Five before cleaning to provide odor elimination and discover that the carpet actually cleans better than normal carpet cleaning processes.
  5. The application of Decon Five is by a fine mist that touches every part of the room or building.  Odors tend to migrate, so treating only the problem area may not be enough.  So, the protocols encourage applying the mist to every area with special attention to the odor source.
  6. When the odor problem in embedded, like pet urine in carpet or wood subfloor, the product can be saturated in that area to penetrate as far as the urine.  There is no bleaching or staining to worry about.

We have encountered hard-to-treat odors like curry; and while many find that the curry smell is impossible to remove, Decon Five can do the job.  Decon Five has a surfactant that breaks through the film left by curry that other cleaning products cannot.  Put the product in spray bottles and clean every square inch of the kitchen.  Pay attention to the cooking area and the stove hood.  Clean kitchen cabinets inside and out.  The curry odor will be gone.  If the curry is in the whole house, apply to the whole house in a mist after cleaning, and be sure to mist into the cold air returns to neutralize the smell in the air ducts.

Decon Five will eliminate smoke smells and pet smells and pet smells as well.  The primary requirement is that every area is treated, not just one section.  The results are directly linked to the quality of the job.  After cleaning, solve the residual problem with a comprehensive fogging of the Decon Five product.