Decon Five Approved by the Green Clean Institute

The Green Clean Institute is a respected third-party certification that assure that product claiming eco-friendly status are what they claim.  We all know that there is a lot of latitude in advertising, and frankly, Green products tend to over-state their Green or eco-friendly attributes.  So, when the Green Clean Institute approves a product, it has passed more than a clinical review.  The GCI Green product certification reviews the claims made by a company to verify what is called a "Truth in Advertising for Green products."  

Green Product CertificationDecon Five was always a Green and eco-friendly product.  It is biodegradable and contains surfactants, hydrogen peroxide, and other inert ingredients in a very special blend not available elsewhere.  The product is non-bleaching and about as corrosive as water.  Once applied, the ingredients return to their inert status so that any excess will not harm waterways or fish.  

Decon Five is pleased to be an approved Green product by the Green Clean Institute.  In the remediation business, there are a lot of very powerful and dangerous chemicals.  While they may do the jog, they offgas toxic fumes and leave a chemical residue.  Decon Five does not offgas fumes or leave a toxic chemical residue.  In fact, this unique blend will capture and neutralize all types of ambient VOC and chemical toxins in the building.

The secret is in the fact that Decon Five comes in two bottles (A and B) which are mixed 50/50 prior to application.  This activates the product to full power without the need for strong chemical additives.  After application, the product turns into water, oxygen, and inert ingredients that will not harm humans, pets, plants, or the environment.

Despite the safety of this product, it is amazingly effective on a number of levels.  Decon Five is a very effective odor mitigation product.  It also kills mold, mildew, the spores, and leaves a mildewstat to inhibit future mold growth.  It will kill nearly all types of pathogens (bacteria and virus) with a seven log kill rate.  Decon Five will neutralize all types of chemical residue to detoxify the building in a very effective way.

Decon Five will break the protein bonds of blood, urine, vomit, and body fluids for a powerful decontamination treatment.  This is the ONE SOLUTION product that many specialty cleaning and decontamination services should be using.

Use Decon Five to remove curry smell from apartments, dog smell from homes, and get rid of smoke smell prior to the sale.  The versatility of Decon Five can apply to carpets.  Prespray with Decon Five and extract with a hot water carpet extractor.  Or saturate a pet urine area down to the padding and subflloor to permanently get rid of stubborn pet odors.  Wet vac the residue out after ten minutes.  

Rarely has there been a ONE PRODUCT SOLUTION like Decon Five.  The fact that this product is tremendously effective and still exceptionally safe seems to be what every service provider ought to adopt.