The Science of Oxidation

We use both gaseous oxidation with ozone and liquid oxidation with Decon Five to destroy odors, germs, mold, and toxic threats.  Everything we use is powerful but environmentally-safe.  Only modest care needs to be exercised when using these methods, and your workers are not exposed to dangerous chemicals that can cause health concerns. 

In case you don't know about oxidation, our processes use free oxygen atoms to attach to and neutralize all types of environmental threats.  Once the sanitizing is complete, the solution reverts back to oxygen and water.  There are no toxic chemicals in our system, and yet these applications are very effective and able to treat a wide variety of threats.  In fact, our product can neutralize the health problems that would be considered hazardous conditions.  We find that about 30% of homes and businesses are "Sick Buildings" with people suffering from allergies, chemical sensitivities, and respiratory issues.  Our program shows you how to "Decontaminate & Detoxify" a building as a profitable decontamination service.

In short, if you follow the plan, your expertise and skills will solve many issues, your services will expand, and your profits will go up.

Here are some of the advantages of using Decon Five:

  • Destroys odors at the molecular level so the smell does not return
  • Kill mold and mildew on contact, and strips the air of mold spores
  • Powerful, broad-spectrum decontamination (7 log sanitizer) - No biological immunity possible
  • Detoxify and decontaminate silk buildings 
  • The one product that even treats curry odor
  • Neutralizes chemicals and chemical spills
  • Breaks down as a biodegradable product with no toxic residue

  1. Remove Foul Odors.  Fog or spray product to destroy odors and the source of the problem
  2. Carpet cleaning is amazing.  But we also destroy odors, detoxify, and decontaminate the carpet without toxic chemical residue.
  3. Mold Remediation.  Use for early knock down for worker safety, direct mold kill, and mildewstat to inhibit future mold growth
  4. AIr Duct Treatment:  Use the misting system to decontamination air ducts after they are cleaned.
  5. Detoxify Sick Buildings.  Fog or spray product to destroy VOCs and chemical residue throughout the building
  6. Neutralize Contaminants. Chemical spills, pesticides, blood and urine, and petrochemical deposits
  7. Hoarder home Service. Eliminates foul odors, gross sanitizing, neutralize biological threats
  8. Flood and Fire decontamination.  Prevent future damage from mold, chemicals, and odors
  9. Drug house decontamination. This product neutralizes the worst chemical threats

Our activated hydrogen peroxide formula can effectively treat many difficult situations.  Consider the value of using ONE PRODUCT for many problematic applications.

Mold RemediationBREAKTHROUGH MOLD REMEDIATION CONCEPT:  Yes, our system kills mold and mildew, but problems of old, polluted, and toxic buildings require more than a harsh chlorine chemicals that adds to the toxic condition.  Our spray product can be foamed onto surfaces or sprayed by a ULV fogger.  This is an OMNI-SOLUTION for odors, mold, germs, and toxicity.  One product does so much more than what mold professionals now offer..

The foaming application TRAPS mold spores as it kills the mold.  We know that disturbing mold releases the spores into the air, but the Decon Five can be foamed onto surfaces for longer treatment that traps the spores.  This means reduced IAQ impact and Decon Five leaves a mold inhibiting, non-toxic treatment.

Apartment RehabDECONTAMINATE REAL ESTATE & APARTMENTS:  Solve tenant complaints, decontaminate apartments, remove pet and smoke odors, and sanitize rooms with our system.  Whether with a spray bottle, pump sprayer, ULV fogger, or foaming application; our spray oxidizer is the best way to pre-treat, treat, and post-treat nearly any tenant or post-tenant problem.

Sick buildings cause a lot of complaints.  Our spray system is the omni-solution to odors, sick buildings, mold problems, infections, and even removes curry smell.  Because the product is non-toxic, your workers are safe and the tenant problems can be quickly resolved.


We routinely test the air for toxicity.  What people cannot see or smell are the toxic fumes that accumulate in a home or building.  The sources of toxic air are cleaning products, pesticide, solvents, glue, paint, and even the fragrances you bring into the house.  Cleaning products like Lysol, Bleach, or furniture polish never leave the house; but eventually crystalize into the dust, dirt, and biofilm on every surface.

Many respiratory and hard-to-diagnose health issues can be traced back to the toxicity of the indoor air.  Toxic air can only be measured by special meters that test for benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, xylene, and 1,3-butadiene.  The most common VOC is formaldehyde that is heavily used in building materials, furniture, paints, varnish, and household products.


All of our products produce a high-level of efficacy against nearly all biological threats.  Removing the biofilm is a critical issue.  Germs, viruses, and toxins hide in the biofilm making most sanitizer only partially effective.  Decon Five breaks down the biofilm allowing the germs and contaminants to be more effectively treated.

Apply our system if and when there is a fast-spreading threat to prevent further contamination.  Schools, daycares, gyms, and workplaces will find that this product can effectively decontaminate large areas with a minimal amount of downtime.

Our treatments are perfect for veterinary, pet care, and pet boarding because they solve multiple issues:  Neutralize odors, infectious disease, viruses, bacteria, and toxic residue with one treatment.  Finally, the treatment doesn't have a harsh smell, is applied quickly, and can be used in segmented areas.