How to Remove Marijuana Odor

Marijuana Smoke OdorMarijuana has a distinct and dank odor that frankly, no one wants.  Like cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke is not complimentary.  It is still smoke, and a pollutant to indoor air quality.  Despite the other anticipated benefits of marijuana, there are the secondary concerns for secondary smoke upon non-smokers and the marijuana odor.

Marijuana contains terpenes.  As you should already know, cannabis is a flower. Because one of the primary functions of a flower is to generate terpenes (aromatic chemicals designed to attract pollinators), you can naturally expect it to carry a pungent smell. That odor only increases when the plant is crushed up, lit on fire, and smoked.  Hence, the marijuana odor is simply part of the process.

Marijuana odor is a stubborn smell that is not easily neutralized.  Anyone buying or renting a house, condo, or apartment with marijuana odor will need to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and detoxification program.  Unlike cigarette smoking or drug use, there is no overt health issue.  But, no one but a marijuana smoke appreciates the residual smell of marijuana.  In fact, growing marijuana in the basement or house will impregnate the smell as well as smoking it.

Decon Five is probably the very best solution to the problem of marijuana odor.  This is because it works on many levels at one time to neutralize all types of contamination.  Start with a comprehensive cleaning using Decon Five in spray bottles to clean all surfaces.  Then, clean the carpets with Decon Five if you do not plan to replace them. 

Then the "Decontamination and Detoxification" is a total house treatment with a fine mist of the Decon Five, including treating the air ducts with the product.  The final success is dependent on treating every area since the smoke has touched all surfaces.  Any residual smell means the job hasn't been intense or comprehensive enough.

Do not paint over the walls until they have been treated. This traps the odor for a decade or more.  Clean all walls and neutralize the problem before painting.

Trying to mask the odor with candles, sprays, or incense is likely to confuse the smell, but the indoor air quality is harmed by adding even more chemical additives to the building.  Cleaning, neutralizing, and active filtration is really the best way to minimize the odor.  And, if you grow marijuana in your house, exhaust the air outside.

Thoughtful marijuana smokers will use some form of a handheld filter that will trap much of the marijuana smoke.  Some can be homemade and there are personal filters for sale.

If you are a marijuana smoke who doesn't want your house or apartment to smell like a hashish den, you will want to smoke outside or invest into a high quality HEPA filter the includes a carbon filter.  This unit will work 24/7 to mitigate the odors and pollutants in the house.  The best room filter that I recommend is the HEPA and carbon filter unit.  It is not the single solution, but it will go a long way in reducing marijuana odors.