Get Rid of Embedded Ozone Smell

Ozone SmellOne of the common complaints when ozone treatments are applied is the lingering ozone smell.  If the ozone treatment is over-applied, the ozone smell can last weeks or months.  Ozone is effective for removing odors, but ozone can be over-applied.  Too much ozone can become embedded because the gas will combine with resident smells and gases.

By shortening the ozone treatment and following with Decon Five the treatment cycle is shorter, families can enter sooner with less post-treatment odor.  And, the effectiveness of the job is much more effective.

We feel that ozone treatments should be shortened to two to three hours followed by a spray of Decon Five to neutralize the ozone smell and further eliminate odors, mold, or toxic conditions.  Ozone is a gaseous oxidizing treatment that is hard to gauge for an optimum treatment.  Decon Five is a gaseous type of oxidizer, so it does what ozone does ... and more.  That is because the product works safely on multiple levels.  There are at least six actions taking place during the application, and it all happens in minutes.

In many cases, we are able to treat the problem with only a Decon Five treatment.  This product is remarkably effective but still as safe as anything we have ever used.  That is because the product works safely on multiple levels.  Adding Decon Five to any ozone treatment is like a supercharger to a race car.  The double impact of ozone followed by Decon Five is stunningly superior and cut the time on the job.  Time is money.  So, the fact that we cut the ozone treatment time down by 3/4 is fantastic.

Finally, the chances of a problem with lingering ozone smell is no longer a concern.