The Science of Oxidation

 ozone generatorFor over a decade, ozone generators have been the innovative solution to odor removal.  In fact, ozone generators work, and could out perform nearly any off-the-shelf odor or cleaning products.  Ozone is a gas produced by an ozone generator that temporarily turned the normal O2 into O3 (a molecule with three attached oxygen atoms).  O3 has one loose atom that easily detached which then oxidizes the odor threats at the source.  And OXIDATION is the primary impact of ozone because it has wide applications.  Finally, ozone leaves no chemical residue behind as it reverts back to normal O2.

On the downside, ozone that's a long time to work as the gas needs 4, 6, and 8 hour cycles to do the job and people and pets must vacate during the treatment.  If the service over-treats the building, the ozone smell can linger for a few days or a few weeks.  While the ozone smell is not a danger, a number do not like the lingering ozone smell.  So, in a business where "Time is Money", it is hard to charge appropriately for a job.  Then, there is the guessing game of how much ozone to use.  

Ozone does not nullify many VOC gases (like the notorious formaldehyde).  VOCs are known toxic gases that come from building materials, paint, carpet, furniture, glue, solvents, and cleaning products.  These toxic gases building up in a building making them toxic or semi-toxic; and they are basically locked into the closed system of the home or office.  Depending on your health and sensitivities; VOC irritates and erodes our immunity, good health, and strength.  

Odor RemovalDecon Five is also a highly effective oxidizer using hydrogen peroxide one of the key ingredients delivered as a fine mist (liquid) that touches all surfaces and strips the air of contaminants..  

Hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) has extra oxygen atoms that detach to oxidize the same threats as ozone.  The obvious benefits of Decon Five compared to ozone is that liquids bring a quick application of more oxidizing oxygen atoms to the building.  This means a 4-8 hour job with ozone is now a 60-90 minute job with Decon Five, and the job is better than ozone because the spray treatment goes right to the problem areas.

Decon Five offers multiple solutions to many types of environmental problems.  Decon Five is a seven log sanitizer, quickly sanitizing large areas of bacteria and virus in record time.  Decon Five also neutralizes all types of VOC and chemical residue, reducing the toxic level of a building to a healthy building in one treatment.

Decon Five is very effective at killing mold and mildew and leaves a mildewstat that inhibits new mold growth.  

Even with all these powerful features.  Decon Five is biodegradable, non-polluting, and leaves no toxic residue.  There is no need to displace people for long periods.  And, Decon Five is being used in medical facilities, senior facilities, gyms, and spas, and can be used in eating and food prep areas.